" Continuous with recurring hooks, bridges and fades connecting each track on this hour plus filmic soundtrack, Let’s Get Surreal blends lofty noodling with longing composure as it confidently zaps and fuses the cosmic with Hip-Hop instrumentalism, library music with 80s flange rock, 8-bit robotics with conga funk, and low-riding RNB with the psychedelic." 

-Monolith Cocktail

    "Drawing on influences ranging from composer Lalo Schifrin to early Pink Floyd to George Benson, Garrett N. never manages to repeat himself in a musical world built on ambient sounds and punctuated rhythms." 

-Wildy's World

   After nearly 5 years of composing, recording, editing, and production, Garrett N.'s "Let's Get Surreal" shines like a polished gem, ready to be admired. Assembled in a progressive way, crystalline production values are on full display, with plenty of detail and sophistication that keeps revealing more of itself upon further listening. 

  Ten years have passed since the release of Garrett N.'s debut album "Instrumentals & Oddities", and it shows. Listening on headphones or on a good system, it reads like a resume', of not only composition and performance, but of production, editing, and engineering- a hybrid of both analog and digital.

     "I 'm not one to discount the breakthroughs and achievements of the bands and producers who came before. One of my initial missions was an attempt to bring a sense of polish and high fidelity back into modern music, a la Alan Parsons, Hugh Padgham, and production values of that era, but presented in a psychedelic and progressive way." -Garrett N.

 "There is no doubt that the album is a soundtrack from a film that's yet to be made."  -Dutch Progressive Rock Page

Once again, "Let's Get Surreal" lends itself to incidental and film music, as pieces morph from ambient drones to electronic rock, funk interludes, sound collages, to hard rock assaults, and back again- a guided tour through what he is does best. Wearing influences on his sleeve, he picks up where they left off: the unashamed melodic meanderings and dynamics of early Genesis, the orchestral-electronic soundscapes and sound collages of early Pink Floyd, the funk of Zapp and Lakeside, to the cinematic kitsch of Lalo Schifrin. 

"Let's Get Surreal" is composed, performed, and produced by Garrett N. (BMI).                                                  

Mixed and mastered by Garrett N.


 All tracks copyright Garrett N. Music (BMI).

cae/ipi# 00493.84.57.04